About Diabeticcare

Diabetic Care is a dedicated for care of Diabetic Patients, Pre Diabetic Patients/ Diabetic free life, Management (Treatment) including dietary guidelines and prescription for aerobic activity and strength training and diabetic patient education and awareness in one visit and Whatsapp support for patients on insulin therapy.

Diabetic Care also dedicated for treatment of obese patient (Obesity Management) with least medications specially witjh Dietary guidelines, Aerobic, Behavioral therapy and Counselling by Dr. D. Saha Diabetologist Expert Diabetic Management offer free treatment (Conditional) by written recommendation of Local Councellor only on Sunday by Appointment

Dr. Debotosh Kumar Saha, DY CMO/ CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER expert in Diabetic Management

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Reason why us

High-class Neuropsychiatry treatment & Diabetic care!

At SENTRUM MALL basement, Asansol with recommended with Dr. D. Saha (Neuropsychiatrist) MBBS(WBUHS), DPM (IOP/ PG KOL), MD (Psychiatry),(PG T KOL), DHMS (Ireland) CCDM (Apollo)

Life Member Indian Psychiatric Society

Life Member Indian Association of Sexology

And Dr. D. Saha (Diabetologist), Experienced expert on Diabetic Managemet drdsahadiabetologist.com for free camp on 2 Sunday